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Allgemein Feedback Hello Guys...Amazing!!!!!!!!

S. Balazs15.12.2016 13:02 #1
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I know its a german forum but i am not a German.

I just wonna say Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have used yearhs a another server...each months problems..online support--dizaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!1-2 hours waiting time.

The control panle from this server ist amazing...payments method amazing.

You can restart the server--pro options.

Easy to switch for more slots.

Merry Christmas for you all....good job.

I will post your TS server in my Forums banner.
F. Schröder17.12.2016 11:28 - Bearbeitet am 17.12.2016 11:29 von F. Schröder#2
Kundenberater (Level 3)
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Hey S. Balazs,

thank you very much! I appreciate your feedback - as its our goal to acquire the best customer statisfaction possible.

Im glad, you gave us a chance, altough we dont offer a english version of our website. Hope, we can improve that part as soon as possible, to make our non-german customers a great stay on our website.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy und successful new year!

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